Santa Fe National Forest Site Stewards

Who We Are

We Are Volunteers Looking Out for Our Heritage

We are volunteers looking out for our heritage.

Who are the SFNF Site Stewards?

The Santa Fe National Forest is responsible for managing one of the largest collections of Heritage Resources in the U.S. These include Archaeological Sites from many cultures and time periods plus Historical sites remaining from the earliest occupation of the region by Europeans. These Resources are a legacy of the history of this area and are treasured by both Native Americans and the current multi-cultural population residing in the area. These Resources are threatened by natural actions and by human actions including vandalism and exploitation.

What do we do?

The Santa Fe National Forest Site Steward volunteers augment the resources of SFNF staff. Site Stewards monitor Cultural Heritage Resources, and assist in identification and documentation. Site Stewards also serve as spokespersons to the general public in fostering awareness of the importance of preserving these Resources.

We Are Working to Prevent the Loss of Our Heritage

We are working to prevent the loss of our heritage

The View from an Ancient Eagle Trap

The view from an ancient eagle trap

Why do we do it?

Without our efforts and the efforts of others our rich cultural heritage will be lost. Our efforts are helping preserve these invaluable resources for future generations, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. This cultural continuity is part of the glue that holds us together.

What are the qualifications?

Site Stewards are selected in part for their commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the Santa Fe National Forest through their actions as the "eyes" and "legs" of the Heritage Resources staff. Site Stewards are also committed to educating the public and supporting the efforts of others who share these goals. Other skills such as archaeological experience, photography, and leadership are also taken into consideration.

Site Stewards are expected to act, in their capacity as volunteers and as representatives of the Santa Fe National Forest.

Visiting a Site in the Colod of Winter

Visiting a Site in the cold of winter

Class of 2003 in Training

Class in training

Is there Training?

The Site Steward Council, in partnership with the SFNF Heritage Resource Manager, has developed a training program for all Site Stewards. The program provides the framework for inspecting sites, reporting problems, and contacting the Forest Law Enforcement Officer when necessary. The training consists of group classroom presentations, group field exercises, and individual training by the leader of the area to which each site steward is assigned.

How can I be a Site Steward?

The Site Steward program holds training sessions as necessary to meet the demand for Site Stewards and in response to people who wish to join the Site Steward program. If you are interested please follow this link:

How to become a Site Steward.

Field Training to Deal with Site Vandalism

Field Training to Deal with Site Vandalism