Santa Fe National Forest Site Stewards

Web Reporting

Activity Log This is used to log all Site Steward activities including site visits, meeting attendance, writing an article for Site Lines, working on the pottery collection, etc.
Site Visit This is used to report on the condition of each and every site after it has been visited.
FORM Detail Description
Activity Log Activity reports are on a per person basis with one report for each type of activity. If you visit multiple sites on a single day, that is a single activity. Other examples of activities are  attending a meeting, writing an article for the newletter, working on the pottery collection, etc.

When submitting an activity report for site visits, you may use a single form submission for all the visits on a single day. However, we need a separate activity report for each person on the site visit. Under Site Visit Hours enter the sum of the Time at Site you entered on the various site visit entries.  Travel time is all the rest of the time from when you left your house until you returned (unless of course you ran some personal errands, went to a party, visited your mom, etc.) Mileage should be reported only once for each vehicle taken on the trip. When entering a time, use decimal hours, e.g., 1.5 hours. Please do not enter 1:30 or "1 hour" or "90 minutes".

When submitting a report for something other than a site visit, please do not enter any time under Site Visit hours. Travel time is door-to-door time minus that activity time. Mileage should be reported once for each vehicle if multiple people drove in the same vehicle.
Site Visit Submit a separate form for each site visited. Only a single form is submitted regardless of how many people participated in the site visit.

Here's what the various entries mean:
Team: This is the Area Team you are part of (e.g., Gallina, Caja del Rio, etc).
Site Name: Pick the site name from the list. If your site is not on the list, notify your ATL.
Date Visited: This will default to the date you file the form. Change this to the actual date of the visit, either by typing in mm-dd-yyyy, or using the calendar to pick the date.
All People Visiting Site: List everyone who came along, including non-Stewards.
Condition or Changes: self-explanatory
Total Time at Site: This is the time from when you left your car until you returned to your car. Round to the nearest 15 minutes.
Submitted by: Put your name here, even if you didn't even participate in the site visit. This way we know who to contact if there is a problem with the entry.